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Experience the unique comfort and control that Corradi Pergotenda® retractable roof systems create. With systems available in various innovative aluminum and wood designs, these outdoor retractable roofs can maximize the use of your restaurant patio or expand the luxury of your own Texas backyard. Sun or rain, bring your outdoor living dreams to life with a custom designed Pergotenda® retractable roof system.

Aluminium Pergotenda® Retractable Roof Systems

Iridium Aluminium Pergotenda®

Aluminum retractable patio cover Naples FL

The classic aluminum Pergotenda® design.

With a wide range of sizes and multiple options, the wall-mounted Iridium is one of our more versatile designs with the ability to match any outdoor living style.

Millenium Aluminium Pergotenda®

Angled Aluminum motorized patio cover

Seamless angled aluminum Pergotenda®.

Millenium is the ideal solution for contemporary architectural settings and tastes. With its flush front and flexible design, the Millenium creates a unique modern atmosphere that complements any outdoor architecture.

B Space Aluminium Pergotenda®

Large motorized patio cover Naples

The largest aluminum Pergotenda® system available.

Made of aluminum and anchored to a supporting wall, the B SPACE is a Pergotenda® designed to cover large surfaces and to protect from sun and rain with a projection of up to 354" (29'6"). With its clean design, structural strength and durability for outdoor use, Pergotenda B-Space can be fitted with side gables and drop screens, to allow living outdoors several months a year.

Kubo Aluminium Pergotenda®

Modular porch roof Sarasota FL

Versatile & modular aluminum Pergotenda®.

With all the bells and whistles, the Kubo can be either freestanding or wall mounted as well as adjoined with other Kubos to make it easy to cover large spaces.

Exyl Aluminium Pergotenda®

Corradi Pergotenda® Naples Florida

The Exyl is the most economical Pergotenda®.

A minimal design to complement and cover any outdoor space. A fusion between minimalism and practicality, Exyl is an aluminum Pergotenda® the structure combines stylistic lightness with high structural strength, with minimal impact on existing architecture and landscape.

Impact Aluminium Pergotenda®

Corradi Pergotenda® Sarasota FL

The Impact is the heart of every Pergotenda®.

It is the core retractable cover system made to size for the protection from sun and rain, that can be installed on suitable pre-existing structures. The Impact is composed by a tough water-proof canvas – called Eclissi – which runs on special guides and is supported by aluminum tubes. Installed on all Pergotenda, the Impact can also be used with preexisting pergolas or custom-made structures.

Wood Pergotenda® Retractable Roof Systems

PT 45 Wood Pergotenda®

Naples wood patio covers

Most traditional wood Pergotenda® design.

With the established look of a wooden frame and the modern twist of the retractable roof, the PT45 has the ability to harmonize with any outdoor environment.

PT 60 Wood Pergotenda®

Beautiful Sarasota wood porch cover

The most spacious wood Pergotenda® system available.

The wall mounted PT60 has all the function and options of any wall mounted wood Pergotenda®, but on a greater scale.

PT 100 Wood Pergotenda®

motorized Fort Myers FL patio roof

Versatile & modular wood Pergotenda® with all the possibilities

Pergotenda® 100 is a structure that associates the warmth of wood, excellent structural strength, and contemporary design. The PT100 can be either freestanding or wall mounted, pitched or flat, as well as adjoined with other PT100s to make it easy to cover large spaces. It is an oasis of relaxation.

PT 60 Wood Pergotenda®

Arko Pergola Naples FL

The most unique wood Pergotenda® system creates an unobstructed view.

The Pergotenda® Arko is a wall mounted wood frame retractable cover system custom made to protect against sun and rain. It is the only Pergotenda® that mounts to the wall without any pillar support.

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