Fixed Screens & Entry Ways

For homeowners looking for a fixed screen option, we are proud to offer the Screeneze patented fixed screen system. Engineered with strength and durability in mind, the Screeneze system seamlessly spans oversized openings without cross bracing or bothersome framing, so you can enjoy long and efficient use of the product. Our fixed screens can be used to create a four-season room in your home, in your choice of fabric. The system allows for versatility, without the need for extra posts, and even does the work of stretching the screen if adjustment is ever needed.

Our innovative screen system features an aluminum base and vinyl cap which are snapped together and installed directly to your Florida porch, deck or gazebo. We can perform fixed screen installation virtually anywhere on your existing structure. Best of all, there are no staples or splines used in our fixed screen system, eliminating unnecessary damage to your structure and creating a neat and attractive look to any property.

Screen Doors

For openings that are not conducive to the motorized application, we also design fixed panels with decorative or security screen doors.

screen doors -Sarasota FL

Fixed panels use either 1 x 2 open back aluminum, or a 2 x 2 square tubing. We have the capability to match the screen that we use in the motorized applications to the screen we put in the door and the fixed panels.

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