Interior Shades

Motorized interior shades keep your cooling costs down, and protect your furniture and carpets from UV damage. Sizes between 20″ and 20 feet can be accommodated. All of the motorization uses Somfy/SIMU RTS technology.

Interior shades can be integrated into a new build, disappearing into the ceiling when you want the sun shining in. Interior roller shades significantly reduce the high cost of energy consumption for cooling and heating without sacrificing outward visibility. They maintain the open feeling of looking out. Because they quickly pay for themselves, with skyrocketing fuel costs they are like putting money in the bank. High performance solar shades actually stop more heat than a regular white shade.

Our interior shades are a transparent woven material. They come in different densities or openness factors. The tighter the weave, the more heat that is rejected because light causes heat when it hits something solid and converts to heat energy.

Dark Colored Interior Shades

Dark fabrics provide excellent glare control by reducing the visible light that comes through the fabric. Fabrics that block 94%-96% of the visible light provide excellent glare control characteristics, and will absorb some heat and keep it at the window until it dissipates into the room. In applications where passive solar warming and glare control are desired, dark colored solar screen fabrics are optimal.

Beautiful interior solar shades in Tampa Florida living room

Light Colored Interior Shades

Light colored fabrics are more effective at reflecting heat, and allow more visible light into the room. Fabrics that block 80-90% of the visible light are an excellent choice for providing more light where windows are small, and in common areas where a lighter, brighter ambience is desired. Light is filtered, and view through the fabric is similar to a sheer drapery.

Interior White Shades in Tampa Florida house

Manually Operated, Hand Crank, Interior Roller Shades

These oversized roller shades provide the resistance of an exterior shade with the aesthetically pleasing look of an interior shade.

Available options include Cable-guided, Rod-guided, or Free-Hanging.
Manual Interior Shade Options - Sarasota, FL


  • The perfect solution for large spaces
  • Interior or Exterior Application
  • Cable or Rod Guidance options
  • All aluminum components
  • Motor or Crank Operation



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