Waterproof Vinyl Curtains

Having an outdoor living area is great, however during rain, wind, or inclement weather, you need to protect the outdoor area. Looking for privacy but don’t want a permanent structure? Our Soltis line from Ferrari includes the W96 material. A precontraint fabric (prestretched) waterproof vinyl, it is ideal for motorized applications without the stretching and shrinking that a standard vinyl would have.

Soltis W96 Waterproof Vinyl Curtains

The Soltis W96 impermeable structure inhibits water, but not light. It guarantees 100% effective year round protection, flexibility and an easy fit. Soltis 96 textiles reject up to 95% of solar energy, lowering energy consumption requirements of air-conditioning or HVAC systems.

Motorized Soltis W96 Vinyl Benefits

  • Conserved luminosity
  • Weather protection
  • Heat protection
  • High colorfastness to UV radiation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Waterproof

Available Colors

Motorized Vinyl Color Options

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