Do It Yourself

3/8 and Co will supply you with materials only, for a do it yourself installation.

It’s easy to follow our do it yourself measure and order instructions. Click on the links below to download the forms. Follow the “how to measure” sheet and submit your order for an estimate via email to Each unit needs to be on a separate order sheet for accuracy! Freight and accessories are not included, but can be quoted upon request. Each unit includes a SIMU motor and Somfy remote control.

  1. Determine your installation type: Install Types (Trapped opening, recessed, or face mount)
  2. How to Measure: Measure & Order Instructions
  3. What happens if?? Troubleshoot…. Unique Scenarios
  4. Print an order form: Order Sheet
  5. Choose your accessories: Accessories

*Photos are encouraged when submitting a request for quote.

Motorized Screen Installation and Programming

Motor Programming Instructions

Listed below are the programming instructions for various remotes compatible with our Somfy RTS or SIMU motors. Should you need further technical support, please contact Somfy at 1-800-822-7468 and speak with one of their certified motor/remote technicians. Watch the video below for motor programming instructions.

Motor Programming Instructions with pictures (for standard remotes)
Motor Programming Instructions (for standard remotes)
RTS 16 Chan Interface Instructions
In Wall Remote Instructions
16 Chan Remote Instructions
Keypad Instructions

Installation Instructions

Install Types (examples of each style of installation)

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